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The Friessens Books 19 – 21


Unveil the captivating stories of The Friessen family in this compelling box set, featuring Books 19 – 21. When a long-lost one-night stand resurfaces, Jeremy is confronted with the son he never knew existed, while Tiffy holds a life-changing secret. In “I’ll Always Love You,” their worlds collide once again, forcing them to navigate a complex web of emotions. Then, in “Ground Rules,” as their wedding looms, Jeremy and Tiffy must confront parenting differences that could strain their relationship. Lastly, experience the heartwarming journey of “A Reason to Breathe,” where the Friessen family embraces life with an individual on the Autism Spectrum, as Trevor discovers a profound connection that transcends societal norms.

When a one-night stand from years ago comes back to town, Jeremy meets the son he never knew he had… Meanwhile, Trevor feels like he can’t fit in — until he encounters a woman who understands him in ways he never thought possible. A captivating box set which includes: I’ll Always Love You, Ground Rules and A Reason to Breathe

I’ll Always Love You,” the unexpected return of Tiffy Cahill, after a passionate one-night stand years ago, sends shockwaves through Jeremy Friessen’s life. With a son he never knew he had, Jeremy is determined to unravel the reasons behind Tiffy’s sudden reappearance. As they navigate their complicated past, the revelation of Tiffy’s life-altering secret threatens to upend their lives once again, forcing Jeremy to confront a difficult choice that could change everything.


Ground Rules” takes us on the journey of Jeremy and Tiffy as their wedding day approaches. Despite their love, parenting differences loom large, casting a shadow on their impending union. As Jeremy attempts to set ground rules to manage their differences, he discovers that Tiffy won’t be easily controlled. Their clash of personalities not only tests their relationship but also raises questions about their future together. Will their love be strong enough to overcome these challenges, or will their differences drive them apart?


In “A Reason to Breathe,” the Friessen family faces a unique set of challenges as they embrace life with an individual on the Autism Spectrum. Trevor Friessen has always felt like an outsider, struggling to fit in due to societal norms and his own perceived differences. However, his world changes when he meets a girl who not only understands him but also celebrates their unique connection. As their bond deepens, Trevor discovers a reason to embrace his true self and confront the challenges life presents.


Join The Friessen family in this engaging box set as they navigate the complexities of relationships, secrets, and the power of understanding and acceptance. Experience the rollercoaster of emotions, the joys and struggles, and the unbreakable bonds that define this unforgettable family saga.


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