The Friessens Books 6 – 8


Experience a rollercoaster of emotions in this poignant box set collection, The Friessens Books 6 – 8, as young love faces heartbreak and resilience. Join Katy and Steven in FIRST LOVE, where their dreams of a future together are shattered by disapproving parents. In “Family First,” their newlywed happiness falters under external pressures, risking their family’s stability. And in “LEAVE THE LIGHT ON,” darkness envelops their perfect life when Steven disappears, sending Katy on a desperate search for the truth. This gripping saga will tug at your heartstrings and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The marital struggles of a young couple become inconsequential when tragedy strikes in the poignant emotional box set! Included in this box set collection are First Love, Family First and Leave the Light On.

First Love: Join Katy and Steven in FIRST LOVE, a wild ride through the highs and lows of young romance. Their dream of a future together is shattered when they reveal their marriage plans to their parents. With tensions rising and doubts swirling, can their love conquer the obstacles threatening to tear them apart?

In “Family First,” Katy and Steven’s newlywed bliss shatters. Their dreams crumble amidst external pressures: Steven’s job jeopardy and Katy’s unexpected pregnancy. As their bond weakens and secrets take hold, their family balance teeters, leaving Steven on the brink of walking away.

In “LEAVE THE LIGHT ON,” darkness descends on Katy and Steven’s perfect life when he disappears after a routine errand. Panic sets in as Katy’s call to his boss deepens the mystery. With Steven missing, their world hangs on a thread. Can they unveil the truth and find him before it’s too late?



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