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The Friessens Box Set Collection: Books 1 – 5


Experience the emotional rollercoaster of love, family, and challenges with The Friessens in this captivating box set collection comprising the first five books in the new Friessen series. From reuniting amidst buried conflicts and cattle rustling in “The Reunion,” to unraveling the secrets hidden in a mother’s will in “The Bloodline,” these siblings face heartache, tests of trust, and unforeseen challenges. “The Promise” brings Diana’s past back to haunt her seemingly perfect life, while financial turmoil and a secret plan ignite in “The Business Plan.” In “The Decision,” Brad and Emily’s love is tested by an unexpected pregnancy, leading them to make a life-altering choice. Join the Friessen family as they navigate the complexities of love, loss, and lasting bonds.

In this box set of emotional romances, the Friessen family siblings find their relationships tested, lay their hearts on the line, and discover lasting love! Included in this box set collection are, The Reunion, The Bloodline, The Promise, The Business Plan and The Decision.


The Reunion: Amidst a joyous parental anniversary celebration, the Friessen siblings and their families reunite, only to confront buried conflicts, strain their love and trust, shed tears, rekindle bonds, and face an unforeseen challenge – cattle rustling gone awry – in a wildly unforgettable family gathering.

The Bloodline: Andy Friessen’s rock solid foundation is shattered when tragedy strikes, forcing his return home after his mother’s death. In the aftermath, a bombshell is revealed within her will that threatens to unravel the foundation of his family, propelling him into a web of secrets and lies that could jeopardize everything he holds dear.

The Promise: Diana had found her fairy-tale ending with Jed Friessen. Married and with a family, her life was now a picture of happiness. But the past, a persistent guest, suddenly reappears, resurrecting memories of what she walked away from, the person she used to be, and the heartaches she endured. Now, facing the shadows of guilt and doubt, the life she’s woven with her husband hangs by a fragile thread.

The Business Plan: In “The Business Plan,” the Friessen saga continues as Neil faces financial turmoil and a secret plan. Struggling to regain his footing, he keeps his wife in the dark until an inspired idea emerges. With family backing, Neil battles to reclaim a lost resort, igniting a journey of determination and hope.

The Decision: The Decision is about Brad and Emily facing challenges in their seemingly perfect life due to an unexpected pregnancy. Emily feels isolated, and they must make a difficult decision that tests their love and commitment.


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