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The O’Connells Books 1 – 3


Dive into the heart-pounding world of small-town romance and suspense with “The O’Connells Books 1 – 3” box set. Join the O’Connell siblings in Livingston, Montana, as they navigate love’s dark side amidst danger: from rekindled connections and missing children in “The Neighbor,” to a desperate rescue mission in “The Third Call,” and a tangled web of secrets in “The Secret Husband.” Get ready for a thrilling journey through love and suspense in this captivating collection.

Experience a thrilling ride through love’s shadowy depths with “The O’Connells Books 1 – 3” box set collection. Set in the picturesque small town of Livingston, Montana, join the O’Connell siblings as they navigate the treacherous waters of romance in the midst of danger.

In “The Neighbor,” park ranger Ryan’s world is upended when a blast from the past, Jenny, and her enigmatic daughter, Alison, move to town. When Alison goes missing and secrets unravel, Ryan’s feelings for Jenny rekindle, drawing him into a heart-pounding search for the truth.

“The Third Call” introduces dispatcher Charlotte Roy and bad-boy deputy Marcus O’Connell, whose lives collide when they answer a call involving a threatened six-year-old girl. As danger looms, their determination to rescue the child puts their own lives on the line.

Uncover the mysteries of “The Secret Husband” as small-town lawyer Karen O’Connell receives an unexpected call from her secretive ex-husband, Jack Curtis, who’s now accused of murder. Digging into the past, Karen unravels a web of secrets, discovering that the truth behind their rushed marriage might hold the key to his innocence.

Embark on a pulse-pounding journey through love, danger, and suspense with this captivating collection of romantic thrillers. The O’Connells will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.


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