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The O’Connells Books 7 – 9


Experience the thrilling blend of small-town romance and suspense in “The O’Connells Books 7 – 9 Box Set Collection.” Join the O’Connell siblings as they navigate the complexities of love and danger in Livingston, Montana. This set includes “The Hometown Hero,” “Justice,” and “The Family Secret,” promising captivating stories of unexpected connections, hidden truths, and unbreakable bonds.

Dive into small-town romance and thrilling suspense with “The O’Connells Books 7 – 9 Box Set Collection.” In the heart of Livingston, Montana, the O’Connell siblings navigate the perilous aspects of love in this captivating series. This collection includes “The Hometown Hero,” “Justice,” and “The Family Secret.”

“The Hometown Hero” reunites responsible older brother Owen O’Connell with his former rival, Tessa, after a high school plumbing emergency uncovers a shocking discovery, intertwining their lives in unexpected ways.

In “Justice,” small-town sheriff Marcus O’Connell conceals a long-held family secret that becomes a target for leverage. As the pressure intensifies, Marcus grapples with personal and professional challenges, making life-altering decisions to safeguard his family’s well-being.

“The Family Secret” delves into Iris O’Connell’s journey as she confronts the truth behind her husband’s mysterious disappearance, uncovering a revelation that could forever alter their lives. Join the O’Connells as they face danger, love, and the bonds that hold them together in this exhilarating box set.


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