The One


In “The One,” Margaret Gordon, a once-prominent surgeon, finds herself back in her hometown after a tragic accident, seeking solace with only her horse as company. Unexpectedly, widowed Joe Wilde arrives one morning with a teenage boy and a horse that needs help, reigniting memories of their past. As they work together to tame the temperamental horse, sparks fly between them, despite Joe’s belief that Margaret has always despised him. However, life’s twists and turns lead them to discover that the right person they’ve been searching for has been closer than they ever imagined. Can they overcome their differences and embrace the love they’ve been missing all along?

She’s lost everything. He believes she’s despised him all his life. A tragic mistake could be their only redemption.

In THE ONE, Margaret Gordon was once a prominent Seattle surgeon, and after an accident returns to her hometown, the perfect spot to hide out from everyone and to lick her wounds, with no one around but her horse.


Margaret never considered herself a horse person. But when the now-widowed Joe Wilde drives in one morning with a teenage boy and a horse with a problem, Margaret turns into that klutzy teenage misfit that silently carried a torch for Joe all through school. But when smooth-talking Joe convinces Margaret into working with the temperamental horse, sparks fly and sizzle between them. Only Joe believes Margaret has despised him all his life, but when life throw Joe a curveball he soon finds out the right woman he’s been looking for has been there all along.


Can Joe and Margaret put aside their differences and realize that the other is, The One?




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