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The Outsider Series: The Complete Omnibus Collection


In this collection of western romances, follow the strong, sexy Friessen men as they find love and stand by their family through thick and thin.

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming and passionate world of The Outsider Series with this captivating collection of western romances. Follow the rugged and irresistible Friessen men as they navigate the twists and turns of life, love, and family in the face of challenges both heartwarming and heart-wrenching.

“The Forgotten Child” introduces us to Brad Friessen, a man who never expected to find love again. But fate has other plans when he meets a woman who turns his lonely world upside down, igniting a connection like no other.

In “A Baby And A Wedding,” Emily and Brad seem to have it all—marriage, love, and a baby on the way. Yet, an unexpected surprise threatens to shatter their happiness, putting their love and commitment to the ultimate test.

“Fallen Hero” is a tale of unexpected second chances, where love emerges from unexpected places, healing old wounds and reigniting flames that were once thought extinguished.

“The Awakening” tells the story of a young woman who has lost everything, finding solace in the arms of a wealthy rancher who becomes her savior and her reason to hope again.

In “Secrets,” we discover the dark shadows that can lurk behind seemingly perfect relationships. Jed’s promises were meant to keep everything together, but secrets have a way of unraveling even the strongest of bonds.

“Runaway” takes us on a thrilling journey as Andy sets out to bring his runaway bride home. Little does he know that he’s about to encounter a surprise that will change everything.

As Diana and Jed face the overwhelming exhaustion of impending parenthood in “Overdue,” they reach their breaking point. But a surprising and creative solution emerges from an unexpected source—Jed’s mother, Becky.

In “The Unexpected Storm,” one man finds he can have any woman, except the one he truly desires. Will he find a way to win her heart?

Finally, in “The Wedding,” a man known for his meticulous planning is thrown off course when he meets a woman who has struggled and persevered through life’s challenges. Their union will not only redefine their lives but will also set them on a path they never anticipated.

Join the Friessen family as they discover the power of love, the strength of family bonds, and the resilience needed to endure the trials of life. “The Outsider Series: The Complete Collection” is a journey of passion, courage, and unwavering commitment—an epic saga that will capture your heart from beginning to end.


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