The Price to Love


In “THE PRICE TO LOVE,” Candy’s inability to give her husband a child strains their bond. Neil’s solution of a surrogate further alienates her. A chance encounter with a scarred girl tugs at Candy’s heart, creating a rift between her and Neil. As their marriage hangs in the balance, Candy must choose between her husband’s wishes and her own desire to help a child in need. This emotional tale explores the intricate dynamics of love and sacrifice.

“The Price to Love”: An emotional journey of marriage, sacrifice, and choices.

In “THE PRICE TO LOVE,” Candy grapples with her husband Neil’s fervent desire for a child she can’t provide. A 2015 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner from NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart, this poignant tale explores the depths of changing relationships and the sacrifices we make for our dreams.

Neil’s solution is a surrogate, but as Candy watches from the sidelines, she feels increasingly disconnected. A chance encounter with a scarred little girl ignites her heart, and Candy’s determination to help clashes with Neil’s lack of understanding.

With their marriage teetering on the edge, Candy faces an agonizing choice: her husband’s wishes or the welfare of a child in desperate need. As secrets, desires, and the complexities of relationships collide, Candy’s decision will reshape the course of their lives.


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