The Unexpected Storm


In this romance, Candy McRae clings to her oceanfront home, wounded and alone. Wealthy and charming Neil Friessen seeks her property, yet Candy rejects his offers, choosing hardship over his aid. Neil’s reputation precedes him, but his attraction to Candy is undeniable.

As an unexpected storm forces evacuation, Candy stands firm. It’s Neil who braves the tempest to rescue her, leading to an unforeseen twist. Trapped together, their connection deepens as secrets unravel. Neil, torn between a long-held dream of building a resort and the woman who’s captured his heart, faces an unexpected choice that could alter their fates forever.

She’s heartbroken and alone. He can have any woman except the one he wants. Trapped together by a storm could be their only salvation.

Beautiful, compassionate Candy McRae refuses to sell her oceanfront home — even to Neil Friessen, the handsome, wealthy man next door. But when an unexpected evacuation traps the two together on the property, their undeniable connection will change everything…


eBook, Audiobook


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