Thrill of the Chase


In the vast landscapes of rural Wyoming, Taz Parker’s life seems to be in order—except for matters of the heart. Eligible men are scarce in her small town, leaving her longing for something more. That’s until Jerry O’Rourke enters her life, an unexpected traveler who sparks an instant connection. As their paths collide, sparks fly, and Jerry finds himself willing to go to great lengths for her. But when he discovers the complexities of her family life, he must decide if love is worth embracing the untamed journey ahead.

He stopped for an accident and stumbled upon the one woman he’d been looking for all his life.

Taz Parker definitely has her act together, except when it comes to love and romance. She’s got a strong family and a solid job, but eligible men are an endangered species in rural Wyoming. 

Until she meets Jerry O’Rourke. He’s just passing through, but sparks fly during an accidental meeting. Jerry is seriously willing to go the distance for her, but her messy family life could be more than he bargained for.


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