Junior lawyer Samuel Wilde’s unbreakable bond with his brothers is tested when a woman comes between them, threatening to divide the Wilde family forever. After a painful mistake, Samuel’s relationship with Jill turns bitter, and his older brother Logan steps in to mediate and save their family from being torn apart.

Junior lawyer Samuel Wilde has always been incredibly close with his brothers, but that bond gets put to the ultimate test when a woman enters their lives, threatening to tear the Wilde family apart.

One night, in a foolish moment, Samuel pushes the woman he loves, Jill, straight into the arms of his own brother. Despite being the more suitable choice, his kind and considerate brother couldn’t win Jill’s heart. Even after Samuel deeply hurt her, Jill finds herself at his door one rainy night, reigniting their complicated relationship. But a shocking discovery adds even more strain to their already tense situation—Jill is pregnant, and she doesn’t know which brother is the father.

As emotions run high and bitterness takes hold, big brother Logan steps in to mediate the situation and salvage the bond between the Wilde brothers. With the family on the verge of division, Logan becomes the voice of reason in an attempt to mend their fractured relationships before it’s too late.


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