What We Can’t Have


In “What We Can’t Have,” Mason Parker finds herself entangled in a complicated love triangle when her sister Scarlett and the charismatic rodeo hero, Justin, both vie for her attention. Despite Scarlett’s crush on Justin, he seems more interested in Mason, who initially resists his advances. As tensions rise between the sisters, Mason reluctantly agrees to go out with Justin, but soon finds herself falling for him. Now, Mason must navigate her feelings for Justin while trying to preserve her relationship with her sister and keep their family united. Will love conquer all, or will their hearts lead them down a path of division?

In “What We Can’t Have,” seventeen-year-old Mason Parker finds herself caught in the midst of a love triangle that threatens to complicate her life. Her sister Scarlett harbors a major crush on the handsome rodeo hero, Justin, who seems oblivious to her existence. Instead, Justin’s attention is drawn to Mason, the awkward and geeky younger sister. Despite her sister’s animosity and accusations of flirting, Mason resists Justin’s advances. She is determined not to give in easily, even if it means facing a living hell at the hands of her spiteful sister.

However, Justin is persistent and refuses to take no for an answer. In an effort to prove her sister wrong, Mason reluctantly agrees to go out with Justin. As they spend more time together, Mason realizes that she cannot deny her growing feelings for him. Yet, their budding romance comes with a price, as it threatens to divide the already complex dynamics of the Parker family. Mason is torn between her newfound love for Justin and the desire to maintain harmony among the Parkers.

In a story filled with emotional turmoil and heartwarming moments, “What We Can’t Have” explores the complexities of love, family loyalty, and the challenges of young romance. As Mason grapples with her feelings and the implications of her choices, she must navigate the delicate balance between her own happiness and preserving the unity of her family. With passions running high and secrets simmering beneath the surface, the Parker sisters’ journey to find love takes unexpected twists and turns that will leave readers captivated until the very end.


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