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Rules for a Happy Life

 July 17, 2022

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Surprisingly, very few people actually understand what it takes to be healthy. In fact, if you were to take a look at where we currently sit, would it surprise you to know that one out of every two children is not healthy? Chronic disease has become far too common in children. I’m not even going to begin to list all of these chronic conditions. From allergies, to neurodevelopmental conditions, to toxic poisoning, to auto-immune diseases, to depression, it’s endless. Here is another statistic that everyone dismisses and has for decades: One out of thirty children (more prevalent in boys) has autism. So why is everyone out there not up in arms, standing up to say, “What the hell is going on?”

Having said that, I haven’t even addressed the number of adults who are chronically sick and so unhealthy. Here is another statistic that should have everyone sitting up and asking questions. I heard recently that something like 85% of adults are on some type of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drug. This was something my son brought up to me, asking what year it was that all the designer drugs like Prozac and Ritalin for kids came out? Suddenly, everyone was depressed. What year was it? And in what year did Reagan remove the liability, basically, from big pharma so you and I can’t sue them for injuries?

Before everyone floods me with emails about how these drugs are necessary, I’ll call bullshit. I have family who can’t even get out of bed without popping some type of drug, ranging from anti-anxiety medication to other mood-altering drugs prescribed by a big pharma doctor. These people take a slew of drugs for numerous chronic conditions I’ve never heard of before, and their health? Well, it’s basically down the toilet, and they don’t even see it.

Here is a conversation I had recently with a family member, a very sick and unhealthy family member:

“Oh, I have to go to the doctor to get my prescription refilled.”

My response: “For what?”

Theirs: “For this, this, and this.”

No, I didn’t respond to that, because this person has what’s called FREE WILL, but I did pivot the discussion, because I know their diet includes fast food and products they pop in a microwave and call dinner.

“When was the last time you ate a salad?” I asked.

Their response: “I don’t like salad, but I guess I should.”

Mine: “How about an apple?”

Theirs: “I can’t chew an apple. My teeth bother me.”

Mine: “Water?”

Theirs: “I don’t like water.”

Mine: “How much coffee are you drinking?”

Theirs: “Oh, not that much.”

Mine: “Do you drink any water during the day?”

Theirs: “Coffee has water in it.”

When you turn on the TV, you are hit in the face with endless ads from big pharma, all these drugs for all these conditions many of us have never heard of before, with warnings about all the side effects they can cause, and endless ads for fast foods, marketing of all these so-called food products, from cereals to instant meals, all for convenience.

Now think about this: When I say “big pharma,” I mean that this industry has a foothold in every government in the world. But remember that big pharma depends on the continued existence of disease and the continued existence of more and more drugs. Ask yourself, how many prescribed drugs have actually cured you and eradicated the disease, leaving you healthy and free of the need to take any and all drugs? What about chronic headaches? How many of you suffer from chronic headaches that cause you to pop some over-the-counter drug all the time like it’s candy?

Consider this: The drugs pushed by big pharma via doctors trained in Western medicine only prevent the symptoms and in fact extend the disease for life, requiring a continuation of drugs, different drugs. Instead of becoming healthy, you remain in a perpetual cycle of not being well. These are questions for each of you to ask yourself, your family. How many of you take vitamins and natural supplements not produced by big pharma? How many of you have actually sat down with a doctor trained in Western medicine who talked about a healthy lifestyle and taking your health seriously—you know, eating healthy food, taking your vitamins, exercising, and eliminating all stress, basically living a happy, healthy life?

Big pharma incentivizes doctors to prescribe its products through financial rewards.

Here are some questions to ponder:

· What is the difference between sick care and health care?

· How many of you read the labels on your food and know where it comes from, how it was grown? Do you know that real food actually has nutrition that your body needs?

· How many of you understand what GMOs (genetically modified food) are and what they do to your health?

· How many natural practitioners are out there? Lots, you just have to look for them, and it’s not free. Consider who is profiting by making sure you stay sick.

“Drug companies engineered an opioid crisis and made American citizens the globe’s most over-medicated population. … Adverse drug reactions are among the nation’s top four leading causes of death, after cancer and heart attacks.” —Robert Kennedy Jr. (The Real Anthony Fauci)

A healthy lifestyle is something that should start at home but also be taught in school. My kids always thought I was cuckoo, as I would allow them to eat only healthy foods, while their friends at school were eating unhealthy sugary snacks and all kinds of prepackaged products that you pop in a microwave to heat up, filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce. I made my kids eat real food, you know, like a carrot from a garden or an actual apple that grows on a tree and wasn’t created in a lab, not a tube of apple sauce processed to have zero nutrition. I never let my kids drink soda filled with flavorings, preservatives, sweeteners (the kinds no one should ever put in their body), and the list goes on. Yes, my kids are healthy. In fact, they have never taken a prescription drug and have never really been sick other than a sniffle—you know, the common cold, which gives a runny nose and a cough, and they were all better in a few days.

What about your health? Before you get angry, know that every one of us is responsible for our own health.

So how many of you actually eat real food? Do you eat fresh food that hasn’t been packaged and preserved with endless chemical preservatives, not GMOs that have basically zero nutrition, based on the excuse that you have no time to prepare a proper meal, or you can’t afford to buy real food, or you don’t like the taste?

How many of you read the labels of the packaged, preserved food you buy and understand what you’re putting in your body and what you’re giving your kids to eat?

How many of you actually supplement smartly with vitamins and minerals? How many of you actually see a natural health doctor who understands how to heal the body?

How many of you grow a garden, your own food?

How many of you exercise every day through cardio and strength sports? Do you understand the importance of exercise to being healthy?

How many of you get out in the sun for at least thirty minutes a day? You need the sun!

Give up on drugs (especially regular alcohol consumption), and go see a natural health practitioner.

Drink clean water.

Enjoy a healthy social life with real people, hugging, laughing, and reduce your social media use. Get off the computer and the iPhone and have a conversation in person. You need contact with real people.

Eliminate stress!

And out of all this, always stay in love, not fear.

I will leave all of you with just one question:

What was written on the Georgia Guidestones that were just taken out?

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