• Kimberly says:

    Techno is great till it wont work like i have ‘TAUGHT’ it to,,,LOL
    it is 11:53 pm here in Missouri,,,,,hopefully i made the cute to be one of the lucky ones chosen,,,,,course i have been so impressed with the reading i have MANAGED to read,,,i am honored to have come across 1 of Ms Lorhainne’s books and decided to follow,,,i have never posted a blog before,,,but i do know i have to find another hiding place so i can read longer,,,LOL

  • Cynthia Brooks says:

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Teresa Fronek says:

    I love the series , “The Friessen’s”! It feels like my family!

  • I’m new here and as an avid reader, I look forward to learning and reading more.

  • Andrea Ashworth says:

    Just got In the Silence, In the Stars and In the Charm to read along with any other Novellas Lorhainne is giving away and i can honestly say how much i have enjoyed reading the approx 60 books of Lorhainnes series and stand alone books in the last 5 – 6 months, please continue writing as i will not know where to go next for such good books. please Keep up the amazing work

  • Julia Allison says:

    Where do I go to let you know that I get your emails twice each time?
    I love all your books, by the way! LOL

  • Yacon Root says:

    Awesome Website. Really enjoyed reading.

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