Be okay with being different

We tell our kids this, and our friends, but most of us don’t really believe it deep down. If you think about it, how often do you find yourself slipping into that place of needing to find a way to fit in? The only problem with that is that to have the results in your life that only five percent of the population has, you need to think and perform and be like the five percent of the population who are taking charge…

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Have you ever asked yourself what your dream job is?

This is one of my favorite topics. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had this discussion with people who work a job they really don’t like, who see working as simply a way to make an income and pay the bills. Do you know what I ask everyone who tells me that nothing about their job fills them with passion, everyone who says to me, “But it’s just a job”? I ask everyone what it is that they love to do, because if you figure that out, there’s always a way to monetize your passion. I’m living proof…

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50% Off Smashwords Sale

It’s the Smashwords year-end sale!  Through this Tuesday only, you can pick up all of my titles at Smashwords for 50% off the cover price (excludes new release I’ll Always Love You).  Click here to browse my complete collection of eBooks including ten series and single titles.  No coupon code […]

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