O Legado Friessen (Portuguese Edition)

Um Bebê e um Casamento
A Busca

A Busca

Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
Series: O Legado Friessen (Portuguese Edition), Book 4
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sagas, Western Romance, Women's Fiction
Tags: contemporary romance, Portuguese Translated, romance series, sagas

A cowboy who recrossed the family's fortune. A woman who returned for justice. What they did not expect was to find love.

- Another great book in the series and by this author. I'll start reading The Awakening as soon as I finish this review; can not wait! - Paula

"When life gives bad cards to an innocent, it's not surprising that you want revenge. This story deals with the situation in a simple way, turning anger and mistrust into love. It's well written, and it's a story that makes you want to read more about this family. - Voracious Reader

- The story deals with some social issues without ever giving a chance to love, overcoming problems and insurmountable losses for the heroine to find and claim true love against all odds. - Billie Miller

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