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 October 17, 2021

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Several months back, something was said that had me sitting upright. I don’t remember specifically what it was, but I knew for a fact that it was a lie. And when that happens, the carefully spun behavioral management spell that controls the mob mentality was broken for me. I realized with horror then, as I started doing my own research, asking my own questions, and refusing to be blown off or led around by a leash anymore, after seeing the deflecting for what it was, that something quite sinister was going on.

Having an autistic child means having to fight a system that works against you. One of the things I saw and experienced that the average person might not was the underhandedness of governments, politicians, and school boards, who have a magical way of spinning things and have mastered the art of smoke and mirrors. During my long journey of having my son diagnosed with autism, digging into the why and the how and then fighting to get him help, one of the hardest things to overcome was the lack of support from my community and family because it did not affect them.

When we are not affected or our jobs and finances aren’t threatened, we don’t notice issues in our peripherals. People who weren’t affected didn’t have to put out money for therapy or fight and advocate and stand their ground for my child. Of course I got understanding and sympathy from people around me, but the problem wasn’t under their roofs and didn’t affect their lives. Nor were they pounding on the doors I was or facing the political spin of people saying one thing but doing the opposite. You may have heard, especially as of late, the advice to find your people, find your community. That was what I had to do when I was finding my voice and speaking up for my child, which I did.

I found my likeminded community of parents.

As you’ve probably read in my other blog posts, one of the things I faced when battling these politicians was the reality that they had their own agenda, and standing up for autistic children wasn’t part of their mandate. That reality united me with other parents who faced the same closed doors, the same smoke and mirrors. Remember, while one voice may be drowned out, many voices are heard. One of the things that united my group of parents was that we were using real science backed by actual, verifiable data. We were advocating for real treatments that worked, not experiments—which, by the way, politicians did not want to see back then.

Back to the early intervention treatment that we fought for and paid for out of pocket. We hired our own professionals. We trained our people and became part of the program, understanding how early intervention and behavior modification works. To give you a basic understanding, early intervention treatment means basically rewiring the child’s brain via repetition. It’s like a script: You create a program with steps that are broken down and taught over and over. Repetition of a skill reteaches the brain so that it understands how to do something or learns what is true and what is false. You keep doing something until the skill is mastered, modifying the behavior with rewards.

Outside of early intervention treatment for autism, some people use psychological manipulation such as punishments, rescinding privileges, and threats. People respond to these based on what narratives they believe. People in power may reward people for certain behaviors and punish them for others. This is an example of the extremes, but when you recognize what’s happening and start doing your own research, you can see past the dangerous psychological behavior modification, because your brain will not have been rewired to perceive something as normal. Now, if you’re like me, you’ve already started doing your own research. I will never follow the mass media, which is a tool for the politicians to get their message across without providing evidence or actual scientific data, instead manipulating numbers, playing on fear, and outright lying. The government is now paying mainstream media millions of dollars, which, you guessed it, you and I, our kids, and their kids are on the hook for.

If you listen to all the mainstream media, they’re saying the same thing, as if they’re reading a script. Credible journalists are supposed to expose the lies and the truth for the people, not the government. But what are they doing instead? Discrediting and outright lying, spinning the truth. Have any professionals tried to speak up? One example of a public figure with a big following is Joe Rogan, who called Sanjay Gupta from CNN out and got him to admit to a lie. Here’s the video.

Another example is the mayor of Hudson, Ohio, who, frankly, is one of very few politicians standing up for the people. The local politicians in my area are not answering emails or responding. They are basically collecting a salary they haven’t earned, hiding like the cowardly shills they are. But back to Mayor Craig Shubert of Hudson, who was approached by parents about the sexually explicit and inappropriate grooming material being put into the hands of their kids.

When I heard about the way he went after the school board, who had basically shut out the parents, and school officials who had gone to the Feds to try to take more rights away from parents, I sat down with my daughter, who you all know graduated in June of this year, and asked her about the sexual content they were teaching in school. I was taken aback, because that was my first time hearing how explicit and inappropriate it was. I have no idea when this started in school. She didn’t tell me about the curriculum at the time because she was embarrassed, but when I talked with her about it now, she said it made her so uncomfortable that she put her earbuds in and turned her music on so she couldn’t hear it. I also sat down this past week with my son, who graduated in 2020, and he told me that his school had forced him to read explicit material containing graphic homosexual acts that made him uncomfortable.

A few of you may be way ahead of me, one of the many parents who are standing up and demanding that school boards and districts stop this. But school board officials are pushing back, trying to label parents domestic terrorists in retaliation. Many of these officials believe they can teach our kids what they want and we have no say. But when Mayor Shubert found out exactly what kinds of sexually explicit material the schools were teaching, he went to a judge he knew, who confirmed the material was disgusting child pornography.

Parents have been vilified, and if you’ve been paying attention, their rights are being stripped away one by one behind the scenes in a very sinister and devious way by officials who don’t have the moral fiber to hold the positions they do. When Mayor Shubert showed up and spoke at the school board meeting, he demanded their resignations, and if they refused, they would face criminal charges. The parents cheered and applauded. Here is a link to a video of the mayor at the school board meeting, because it is heartwarming when an elected official actually stands up in the face of tyranny.

Did the school board resign after the mayor’s demand? No. To date, they have refused. Many parents have pulled their kids from school, but not everyone can do that. Every parent out there, remember no one has the right to undermine you as a parent—even though we are seeing the greatest pushback I have ever seen from politicians who feel they can strip away our rights one by one, and it seems they are getting bolder and bolder and can break the law and get away with it. It’s heartwarming to see that at least one mayor, one public official, will stand up to protect our children. In this case, at least, racial biases are also gone, because the only camps we have are the people going along with things and everyone else standing up together and saying, “Hell, no!”

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