Why on earth would two USA Today Best Selling Authors each take six of their full length novels and put them on sale for 99 Cents? (For a limited time, of course!)

For a simple reason. Our loyal fans love our books. And we have written a lot of them. In fact we each have written over thirty books.   But we are always looking for new readers. The more readers who buy and love our books, the more books we can write. That’s why we now feature our books on all the platforms so readers of every stripe have access to them.

And so began the FIRSTS!

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Frankly we couldn’t think of a better way to introduce readers to our books then treating them to the First Book in each of our series. Of course we hope that reading the first book in a series will just whet our readers’ appetites and they will insist on reading the whole series. That would be lovely! An author’s dream!

For our long term fans and supporters, think what a great gift the FIRSTS would be? We do have to qualify. If your friends favor cozy romance and happily ever after –sigh—, The FIRSTS aren’t for them. But if your friends are like you and love dark mystery thrillers, danger, deception and passion, point them our way. We wrote the FIRSTS for them!


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