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The wisdom of a veteran

 August 8, 2022

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

How many of you would listen to the wisdom of a veteran with boots on the ground as opposed to a politician who has never had a real job?

To have mass compliance, politicians need mass confusion, but out of that confusion, how can you get clarity in a world where it seems everyone has lost their mind?

A number of veterans are stepping forward to help unravel what’s really going on. If you prefer a video, I’ve included a fantastic twenty-minute one created by Veterans 4 Freedom. https://youtu.be/BzGiCcf1xzg It’s a fantastic presentation by Andrew MacGillivray, who has outlined in an understandable way how the divide and conquer scheme is implemented. This is what we’ve been living through. Although this outline is about Canada, it applies to most Western countries. It describes the general makeup of where everyone fits, breaking us down into five groups:

The first group is the elites, who make up 1% of our population. You’ve heard me refer to this invisible group of people many times. They’re the ones behind the scenes, pulling all the strings, and they have been forever. Who are they? To put it simply, they are the ruling class, the globalists, the liberal world order, the establishment, statists, and authoritarians. I call them evil motherfuckers—but that’s just my word. You can go and make up your own.

The second group is the technocrats, who make up 4% of our population. Who are they? They are the mainstream or corporate media, otherwise known as government-funded media, academia (schools, colleges, universities), bureaucrats (politicians from every level of government), and members of the three- or four-letter agencies such as CSIS, the RCMP, the FBI, and the CIA and many more. This also includes the leaders of multibillion-dollar corporations. Let’s go into a little more depth here:

– Government-funded media (legacy) have broken away from telling the truth. What they currently do is push a narrative determined by bureaucrats. Their corporate leaders are beholden to their shareholders, the two largest of which are BlackRock and Vanguard, who basically own the world through a global monopoly few know about. See here:

– Academia (schools, including colleges and universities) is subsidized by our tax dollars. For schools to get the money, they have to apply a specific training format involving diversity, inclusion, and equity practices, or they will die. The way this is worded may sound great, but when you start looking into it, you realize an agenda is being pumped into our young kids’ brains so that they become activists who fuel the progressive left. (I’m referring here to the trans agenda and pronoun crap, such as those who identify as female but are really male.) And because parents have been stripped of their rights, schools don’t need to ask their permission.

– As for the technocrats and what they do, these guys force a hypothetical utopia onto the progressive left involving promises of never having to work and being taken care of. It is that promise of utopia (an imaginary community that is perfect and desirable) that keeps the progressive left in line. These technocrats have unlimited resources because multinational corporations use our tax dollars to wield immense power and pull, which gives them the ability to force their narrative onto us. They also have the ability to create and fund organizations and to draft and enforce legislation such as the anti-hate bill, C11 (Canada no longer has free speech), and censorship bills. They also use social media and the aforementioned three- and four-letter agencies to push their agenda on the patriots and the working class. These technocrats want to be the ministry of truth or the authorities of truth, who alone decide what the truth is and how we are supposed to think, feel, and act. This is where divide and conquer comes into play, because they know how to get us to fight amongst ourselves.

The third group is called the progressive left, who make up 20% of our population. They are often called the woke mob or social justice warriors, though I personally like to call them brainwashed schoolkids. They are usually ultra-compliant. For those Star Trek fans, I’ll liken them to the Borg Collective (the hive mind). But remember that they are considered bullies. They have a violent wing called Antifa. Up until a few years ago, I didn’t even know what Antifa was. Then my son explained to me that they are a well-funded organization that brings violence to towns and cities, intimidating people and breaking windows. The tactics of the progressive left or the woke mob are as follows:

– I’ve been told we have to have compassion for the woke mob. Compassion is something I struggle to have for people who knowingly, willingly, or blindly hurt their fellow man. This woke mob has been brainwashed into the progressive activism we’re seeing right now. They’re not living in reality but in a clown world, the utopia they were promised and brainwashed into believing exists, where men are women, all white people are bad, and everyone is a victim.

– They use social media as a force multiplier (a way of creating a stronger position to influence people on a larger scale), making sock puppet accounts, which is where one person controls many, sometimes thousands, of social media accounts that are not all bots. This is how they implement the fear of doxing, cyberbullying, intimidation, and harassment. They release personal, private, and confidential information on their targets via the internet to basically destroy their lives.

– These social justice warriors patrol the internet and their own progressive left for those who speak out of turn (kind of like the Stasi). If someone within their own camp dares to wake up or speak out of turn, they will try to scare them back into compliance, and if that fails, they will turn on them and threaten them or dox them so they lose their jobs or their lives. One thing to keep in mind is that when you are dealing with a bully, when you push back or challenge them, you find that below the surface, there’s nothing there.

These brainwashed kids have been trained by academia to follow certain steps if they’re challenged: First, they are to get triggered. Next, they are to run to their safe spaces, which are basically echo chambers. Next, they will cry victim and scream and yell, calling the group or person who has challenged them a name from their bag of tricks, such as Nazi, hateful, fascist, racist, or misogynist. They pile on insults and more insults, and once they calm down and have been comforted by their fellow members of the hive mind, they get right back into the social justice line. They then use emotional manipulation, which is where gaslighting comes in, creating a cloud of fear and intimidation around the working class and patriots to destroy their lives. At the same time, as I’ve mentioned, they’re also policing themselves. If someone within their group decides to step out from that cloud and think for themselves, they will cancel that person.

I suspect many are afraid to speak out, but I also suspect many are starting to see that something is wrong with the narrative. Unfortunately, this group knows how to weaponize words. How do they do this? For example, the corporate leaders of certain dictionaries have suddenly changed the meanings of words that have had certain meanings for hundreds of years. You may want to read that again. Their aim is to discredit and tar and feather anyone in the working class, patriots, or the independent media and use sock puppet accounts on social media along with bot accounts to discredit dissenters who speak out against them. (If any of you have been on the receiving end of this, you’ll understand they can basically destroy your life, your career, and your family. They can get you fired from your job.)

Next let’s move on to the fourth group, which is the working class, who make up 65% of our population. The working class, also known as the middle class, comprises the average person. They are disengaged because they just want to be left alone so they can live their lives and not get involved in anything. They want to go to work, get a paycheck, buy a house and provide for their families, and take a holiday. That’s it. They will comply if it gives them peace.

The fifth group is called the patriots, who make up 10% of our population. They are the awake people, so awake that they are trying to wake up their sleepy neighbors, family, and friends. They think for themselves and are not part of a hive mind. They never go along with the crowd. They speak out against lies—unfortunately, at times, to their detriment. They are the people who are engaged and anti-woke, made up of the independent media and citizen journalists. This group includes the veterans I mentioned.

Keep in mind that they have very limited resources. Independent media or citizen journalists have no government funding. They do not get big corporate money or advertisers; they are mainly crowdfunded by real people on the ground. They stand for the working class. They operate in a heart and mind strategy, having civil and constructive conversations and telling the truth even when the people around them don’t want to hear it. At times, being a patriot is painful because it takes longer for the patriots to win over the working class, and they’re often targeted by the woke mob and technocrats because they refuse to be part of the hive mind. Patriots do not use fear and threats and coercion, the evil modus operandi of the elite, the technocrats, and the leftists. Patriots talk the truth and are often then labeled conspiracy theorists, crazy, or anything else the left can use to discredit them, because people don’t want to hear the truth.

Patriots never give up and never give in. They care deeply about their fellow man. They are writing articles, filming videos, and researching out there on the ground, at times having the shit kicked out of them, being on the receiving end of gaslighting and being doxed, even by family and friends. But when a patriot wakes up one person in the working class without using lies, coercion, or threats, a friendship is forged and built on something real.

What’s really going on is a struggle for the 65%, the disengaged working class, to wake them up using truth and bring them over to the side of the patriots. The difficulty here is time and resources. Patriots are using social media under the constant threat of being canceled, because they’re going against big tech, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Seriously, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been in Facebook jail or one of my posts has been taken down or marked as disinformation! If you are waking too many people up, they will find a way to shut you down, and they can do it. Waking people up is not necessarily about getting them to agree with you. It’s about getting people to use their brains and think for themselves. You don’t have to agree, because then you just join a different hive mind. Remember the saying “Take what resonates with you and leave the rest”? You have to listen to your own little voice that has steered you time and again from trouble.

Remember that patriots, like the veterans I mentioned, are not cowards. They will walk into battle, and they aren’t afraid to fight. One of the most important qualities is courage, because courage will always triumph over fear. That’s why you see a lot of veterans among the patriots—because they’re not afraid. They’re not afraid of the technocrats or the progressive left, the bullies. Once you wake up more of the working class, that has a ripple effect on members of their families, their friends, and maybe their neighbors, one by one, until the progressive left (the brainwashed kids) and the technocrats have no impact.

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/BzGiCcf1xzg

So how do you get from a divided country to a united people who really care deeply about their fellow man, woman, or child? How do you get an actual working government that’s no longer run by elites and technocrats, basically stealing from you, but instead by your average person who really cares about his or her fellow citizen? The few courageous people out there are waking too many people up, and the powers that be will find a way to shut them and you down. But patriots don’t stay down. They get back up. Out of all of this, remember that courage is contagious.

Are you caught up?

*** The next mystery, THE SACRIFICE, is coming this Fall–stay tuned! ***

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