What happens when a child is encouraged to change his or her gender?

Gender ideology has been in all of our faces as of late, so much so that if you’re not horrified, you should be. Recently, my son brought up to me how many young adults he knows who suffered tremendous trauma during their childhoods and deeply regret changing their genders. As he went further into detail about these kids he knows, he said every one of them regrets taking drugs that I understand were puberty blockers. Whatever else they may have taken, I haven’t looked into, because there are way too many drugs out there, period. My big pharma talk will come in another blog post way down the road when everyone starts questioning the fact that most doctors now are nothing more than drug dealers. 

But back to school and this entire push for gender ideology. While I was busy during all my kids’ schooling, fighting for my autistic son’s rights, paying for an autism consultant to train and monitor the teachers and EAs managing his school program, and stepping into constant battles with the school, what I missed was the fact that a push toward transgenderism was going on in the background. I have no idea how I missed it, as it didn’t come out of nowhere. From what I’m learning only now, this has been in the works in the background for some time. If you’re a teacher or work in the school and saw it and said nothing, then you’re complicit.

When I asked my son, who is now in his twenties, “What the hell? How did I miss this? When did it start, and who was pushing it?” He said that for him, it became an issue when there was a demand in school for a unisex bathroom. His friends, these kids who jumped on the bandwagon of changing their genders, were each struggling with trauma and unhappiness in their lives. To this day, they’ve still never dealt with those issues. Our conversation continued with me trying to understand how this could be pushed on kids where we are—in fact, more kids than I had any idea of. I said to him, “So you’re telling me they decided to change their genders because they had trauma in their lives?” My son replied, “Basically, but it was more than that. They were encouraged. It was brought up to them in school. Now they’re in their twenties, and they’ve told me they regret what they did. They regret the drugs they took.”

My questions went further: “Who in school was pushing this?” I asked this because my ongoing battles in school for my autistic son had me dealing with some teachers who were on board and supportive with understanding autism, dealing with it, tailoring their teaching for each autistic child, but many more refused to support it and always figured they knew better, so much so that they became roadblocks and undid a lot of what my son had learned. Were they all like this? No, but the ones who were like this were very destructive. I wanted to know who in the school was promoting, pushing, and encouraging kids to change gender. He said it was the EAs (education assistants, support workers). When I asked about the teachers, he said no, none that he knew of. Most of the teachers just ignored it. But at the same time, they also never spoke up against it.

This is where it starts to come closer to home. One student who had been a friend of my kids through middle school and into high school apparently received counselling at school and went through a period of being an it, as in no gender. My response the first time I heard that was nothing other than “That’s bullshit! You’re either a boy or a girl, end of story.” But no, at school, this was supported, much to my horror. Then came the pronouns, “he,” “she,” “they.” Even some emails I’ve received of late have included pronouns in people’s signatures, as in “I identify with certain pronouns, and these are mine.” The first time I received such an email was from a support worker for my autistic son this year for his employment. I hit delete and said to myself that this person would never work with my son if she didn’t know what gender she was. That bullshit is not to be brought around my autistic son!

Back to school. This friend of my kids, who has now graduated, went through what I understand was a tough period. She wanted to start taking whatever drugs were available, puberty blockers, and the school was on her side. I’m not sure whether they even may have arranged it for her without parental consent. It’s possible because of all the bills and legislation being passed behind the scenes of late to strip all rights from parents. I remember the girl’s mother emailed me at the time, saying she hoped her daughter would figure out the mistake she was making. The father had no idea any of this was going on. The school had never disclosed what they were doing with the child, and the father was completely out of the loop, whereas the mother was hoping the child would see reason.

When I found all this out, I pulled my kids aside. During this time, they were telling me all the details of the pronouns this child was using with the school’s full support, going from an it to a he, when in fact she was still a she. About the bathroom thing, I don’t know. All I can say is you have no idea how glad I am that my kids are done school. Have they considered going to college or university? No, not right now. I have told them to just focus on getting a job, because with all the crazy-ass shit going on, teachers have the kind of influence on students’ lives right now that isn’t ideal. I have encouraged them to stay far away from school, all school. Whatever they need to learn, they can learn in the real world or take a course online.

How did my conversation with my son end? I told him that if he and his siblings were still in school now, with what’s going on, I would pull them out. As I look back on how many times I sat down with my kids’ teachers over the years to ask them why they were teaching a particular curriculum and what my kids would use it for, I realize that not once did I receive an answer. None could explain to me how the curriculum could be generalized for everyday life. One teacher, in fact, was angry at me for asking. What did my kids learn other than reading and writing and some basic math? The outdoor school my son went to for two years taught him skills that are of more use to him than what he has retained from the many regular classes he took. Looking back now, I’m seeing a lot of wasted years, a lot of wasted time, and a lot of wasted teaching. 

Where do we go from here? As a society, I think we need to do better for our kids. First things first, we need to go back to basics. It will take everyone out there to step up and get gender ideology the hell out of our schools. As for bringing drag queens to kindergarten classes to teach gender ideology and normalize transgenderism to young, impressionable children, everyone needs to give their head a shake, because there’s nothing cute about that. Such sessions have nothing to do with being accepting of others and everything to do with exposing a five- or six-year-old to gender confusion. Seriously, if you choose this life, that’s your choice and your right, but teaching young, impressionable children? No, sorry, that is criminal. There seems to be an internal attack on our moral fibre in this country, which is being destroyed from within. This goes far beyond what is appropriate for young children, and what’s worse is that people can’t see how deeply entrenched this ideology is becoming, and with it a very clear political bias.

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