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 October 10, 2022

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

Time is precious, but one thing about time is that we’ve been conditioned to work a job to make money so we can pay taxes, get into debt, and then maybe, one day, not have to work at all. Can you imagine a life like that? Kind of sounds like slavery, doesn’t it, where you work for someone, doing a job you hate, but can never seem to get ahead?

Think about it. Debt slavery is a continual cycle in which it seems too many are trapped in poverty, forced to work dead-end jobs they hate for little to no pay in sometimes tenuous conditions. We’ve all, I think, worked a job where our boss not only made working stressful but filled us with dread at the thought of going in each day, and sometimes caused us sleepless nights, worrying about everything to do with the job. Sometimes we are subjected to abuse because someone believes he or she has power over us. In that hierarchy of bowing to your boss, maybe you’re even doing things that go against your moral fibre.

I watch this with my kids, even though I’ve said to them since they were small that they need to love what they do, and they can always make money doing what they love. There is always a way. The problem is that we’re conditioned by our parents and their parents, by schools and society that we have to work, just get a job, make money to survive. What isn’t taught is how to look within at what inspires you and fills you with love, so much so that when you get out of bed, it feels like Christmas morning every day the minute you put your feet on the floor. You should wake every morning looking forward to that day, with excitement and joy and a smile on your face at what you get to do.

To be clear, I do that now, but I didn’t always. At a moment during the worst time in my life, I basically said to the universe, “Seriously, is this really it? Is this as good as it gets?” But then I had a dream, and after that, I was driven by knowing and wrote my first book. It was a very long, arduous process. Anyone who is an author or who is living her dream will tell you it isn’t easy, but something about doing what you love gives you the will to break through all those closed doors and roadblocks in your way.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, and I’m going to talk about this, over the last two to three years, a number of people were fired and lost their jobs because they refused to comply and take that jab. What do you think happened? Many I’ve talked to have said it was the best thing that happened to them, because it forced them to get out of the state of basically sleepwalking through life. They had to pivot and figure out what they loved to do, and then they created something out of nothing and are now doing better than ever. For example, some of the fired doctors and nurses opened new natural healthcare centres, and many, many others have created unique start-ups or taken a weekend hobby they loved and turned it into a business. It’s endless. Out of that, I do not know of anyone who didn’t land on their feet or got stuck wallowing in a victim mentality. Yes, there are thousands and thousands of lawsuits going on in the courts, and employers are going to be on the hook, owing a lot of money.

At the same time, I came across someone the other day who chose to take the vaccine and was spouting off, angry and furious, at all the unvaxxed because she had to take the first two in order to keep her job. As was pointed out to her, that was her choice. It’s called free will. The minute you are forced to do something against your free will, it’s called slavery. Accept your choice and make peace with it. If you’re angry for taking it, then forgive yourself, but get clear on where your anger should be directed. I suspect there may be a lot of people in this camp, but at the same time, if you were one of those forced to do something to keep a job, ask yourself, did you love your job so much, or were you acting in fear?

I’ve pointed this out a number of times: Fear is one of the lowest emotions, and the more intense fear is, the more it affects your body, your emotions, your perception, and, yes, your health. The most important thing when you make a decision for yourself is to always make it in love, not fear. If you’re coming from a place of anger or fear, one of those lower emotions, that is not a time for any choice.

Look back at every point in your life when you made a decision out of fear, anger, or hate. How well did that work out for you? Any war is about dividing and conquering, and there really are some sick people out there who get off on watching us pitted against each other, angry and fighting. Ask yourself one thing: At this moment, are you living and giving out fear, division, anger, and hate, or are you living and giving out joy, community, and love for your neighbor and fellow man or woman? Do you want to be around someone who is angry, hateful, dramatic, and unreasonable, so much so that you don’t know who is coming through that door and you find yourself in a constant state of panic and fear, or just on edge? Or do you want to be around someone who accepts everyone, who is smiling and happy, and who does and says everything from the heart in love?

“I am everything the darkness could not kill.” – John Mark Green

I’m going to leave you all with a quote from a book by Cathy O’Brien, PTSD: Time to Heal. Trauma is not something that happens just to veterans, those in the military, trafficking victims, or children in foster care. For the last two years, it has happened to many people in our families and many of our kids.

“I know from experience that trauma results in dissociation, which is professionally defined as ‘the mind’s sane defense to trauma too horrible to comprehend.’ The neuron pathways of the brain actually shut down to repress or isolate the trauma so the rest of the mind can function normally. This repressed memory is shoved deep into the subconscious and is often consciously perceived as ‘missing time.’ When repeated traumas occur, more and more neuron pathways shut down, sectioning off memory with less and less capacity for conscious thought. Dissociation is immobilizing and can appear as ‘day dreaming’ due to the sleep-like state of the conscious mind. This in turn leaves a traumatized person highly suggestible to subconscious manipulation and thus easily led.” – Cathy O’Brien, PTSD: Time to Heal

“Your trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility.”

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