The Reckoning

 July 11, 2015

By  Lorhainne Eckhart

The Reckoning

The holiday season and family dynamics can be a wonderful reunion. Only the battle between two brothers, a father and son with unreconciled differences could ruin Christmas for the Wilde Brothers.

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About the Book

Some scars just don’t heal.

Logan Wilde has always been the big brother, holding the family together, ever since a crisis made their father leave when Logan was just a teen. He was a surrogate father to his brothers even after their own father returned, and the brothers have always sought out Logan when they were in trouble.

However, this Christmas, Logan and his brothers will face their biggest crisis yet.

Series: The Wilde Brothers, Book 6
Genres: Christmas, Contemporary Romance, Sagas
Tags: Christmas, sagas
ASIN: B00R75RR70
ISBN: 9781928085232
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