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The Friessen Legacy Series

Now Spans Three Series: The Outsider — The Friessens: A New Beginning — The Friessens

The Outsider Series

  1. The Forgotten Child
  2. A Baby and a Wedding
  3. Fallen Hero
  4. The Awakening
  5. Secrets
  6. Runaway
  7. Overdue
  8. The Unexpected Storm
  9. The Wedding

The Friessens: A New Beginning

The Friessens

  1. The Reunion
  2. The Bloodline – 2016 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner
  3. The Promise
  4. The Business Plan
  5. The Decision
  6. First Love
  7. Family First
  8. Leave the Light On
  9. In the Moment
  10. In the Family, A Friessen Family Christmas
  11. In the Silence
  12. In the Stars
  13. In the Charm
  14. Unexpected Consequences
  15. It Was Always You
  16. The First Time I Saw You
  17. Welcome To My Arms
  18. Welcome to Boston
  19. I’ll Always Love You
  20. Ground Rules
  21. A Reason to Breathe
  22. You Are My Everything
  23. Anything For You
  24. The Homecoming
  25. Stay Away From My Daughter
  26. The Bad Boy
  27. The Visitor
  28. All About Devon
  29. Long Past Dawn
  30. How to Heal a Heart
  31. Keep Me In Your Heart

The Reunion

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The Reunion
The Bloodline
The Promise ( Jed & Diana)
The Business Plan

The Decision

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The Decision
First Love

Family First

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Family First
Leave the Light On
In the Moment
In the Family
In the Silence
In the Stars
Unexpected Consequences
In the Charm
It Was Always You
The First Time I Saw You
Welcome to My Arms
Welcome to Boston
I’ll Always Love You