"I loved every single book of this collection...a captivating blend of friendship, love, loss, mystery and drama

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Featuring a faked death, a dangerous choice and more, this stunning collection of five simmering novels of love and suspense will take you on an irresistible journey!
Walk the Right Road: The Complete Collection

WALK THE RIGHT ROAD: The Complete Collection invites you to deep dive into this scintillating series of romantic suspense. Follow gripping tales of love, danger, and thrilling intrigue across all the books.

THE CHOICE: In the face of peril, one woman finds herself torn between two men. Her decision holds the power to endanger her life in ways she could never have imagined.

LOST AND FOUND: Winner of the prestigious 2013 Reader's Favorite Award, this heart-wrenching story unravels after a hit and run on a desolate country road, becoming a nightmare for parents grappling with the unknown.

MERKABA: Thought to be deceased, a man desperately clings to his carefully guarded secret. Fate intervenes when he encounters a mysterious, extraordinary woman who sees through his façade and knows the truth.

BOUNTY: Diane, a cop with a past she cannot share, is confronted by forgotten memories that threaten to shatter her carefully constructed life.

BLOWN AWAY, The Final Chapter: Brace yourself as the source of all misery reappears, seeking forgiveness for his malevolence. Can his intentions be trusted, or is there more to this reunion than meets the eye?

HE CAME BACK: A haunting journey awaits as a woman's husband returns home, unravelling the very foundation of her reality. Discover the shocking truth about their life together.

Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of the Walk the Right Road Collection, where romance entwines with suspense, and secrets lie just beneath the surface. Prepare to be enthralled from the first page to the last.


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About the Book

‘A 2013 Readers Favorite Award Winner’

“There was not a human emotion I did not go through while reading this book. I will forewarn you, you will need a box of tissues and a punching bag while reading this dynamic tale.”-Romance Junkies

“I loved every single book on this collection. Each story could be read individually but reading each book in order gave great perspective to the next. As I started this series one at a time I will give each book a separate review. But I will say here that I loved Eckhart’s writing style and her ability to develop a cohesive story line around strong characters is refreshing! I am looking forward to reading more of her books.” – Reviewer, Cheryl

“Lorhainne Eckhart is a master storyteller and this collection is a steal. It includes all of the books in the Walk the Right Road Series.” – JRA

WALK THE RIGHT ROAD: The Complete Collection includes all the books in this sizzling suspense series.

THE CHOICE: One woman. Two men. And a choice that could kill here.

LOST AND FOUND: A hit and run. A deserted country road. A parents’ worst nightmare.

MERKABA: Everyone thought he was dead and that’s how he needs it to stay. But the secretive dark haired beauty could ultimately be his undoing.

BOUNTY: Most cops have a past. A past they can speak of. A past they can share. But not Diane…

BLOWN AWAY, The Final Chapter: Imagine that the man who’s been the source of all your misery shows up on your doorstep. Imagine this man wants your forgiveness for every bad thing he’s done to you and your friends. Would you believe him?

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