Diane Larsen, a resilient cop with a shadowy past, faces her biggest challenge yet when a lifeless body is discovered. Tasked with investigating the case that could expose her own secrets, she teams up with Zac, an enigmatic forensic expert harboring hidden truths. As they delve into the murder mystery, a connection sparks between them, slowly breaking down Diane’s walls. In this captivating blend of romantic suspense and mystery, secrets are unveiled, and Diane finds herself drawn to the one man who can unravel her past.

Some pasts are better left in the shadows. Many police officers have a history, a past that they can openly discuss and share. However, for Diane, that is not the case. That is, until one fateful night when a lifeless body is uncovered on the nearby highway. Diane Larsen, a resilient and determined cop who has constantly had to prove herself to her colleagues, receives an unexpected order from her new superior: investigate the one case that could potentially unravel her entire existence. As fate would have it, she crosses paths with Zac – an enigmatic and alluring forensic expert with his own hidden truths stemming from his time as a military surgeon. Despite Diane’s peculiar behavior raising suspicions about her concealed secrets, Zac chooses not to expose her but rather assists in delving into this deeply personal case that hits dangerously close to home. In this dark journey of romantic suspense and murder mystery, Diane finds herself confronted by the only man capable of unlocking the fortress around her heart.


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