Fallen Hero


A tale of redemption and unexpected love.

Diana Fulton seeks vengeance in her hometown, scarred by a troubled past where she and her sister were pawns in a dangerous game of secrets. Her target: the Friessen family. Years of planning for revenge lead her to Jed Friessen’s ranch, where kindness and compassion challenge her beliefs. Amid anger and distrust, a promise drives her, but love’s potential stands before her. Can Diana overcome hate and take a chance on the love she’s been searching for?

A love story of unexpected second chances.


Diana Fulton, a young lawyer, has returned to her hometown in search of revenge, never having forgotten how she was treated as a child, tossed into the system after she and her sister became collateral in a game between two powerful men, all because of the secrets and lies of her mother.


For fifteen years, she has remembered the Friessen name, the name of her tormentors. Despite the difficult hand she was dealt, she’s planned for the day she could exact revenge. The only problem is that nothing is simple and easy, especially when it comes to getting even. When she lands on the doorstep of Jed Friessen at his rundown ranch, she finds a man who is nothing like his cousin or uncle, and she begins to question everything she once believed.


In fact, Jed shows her kindness, compassion, and something else she didn’t believe possible: that a man could truly have her back. But the feelings of anger and distrust that have driven her for so long are filled with a promise she made to herself and her sister. Can Diana put aside her hate to see that the thing she hasn’t known she’s been looking for all her life is standing right in front of her? A man who loves a woman will do anything for her, but she needs to take a chance on love.


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