In “Merkaba,” the world believed he was gone for good, and that’s how he wanted it. But fate has different plans when Dan McKenzie crosses paths with a mysterious woman who sees through his lies and resists his charms. As he delves deeper into her secrets, he discovers her connection to a dangerous situation. With trouble closing in, he’s compelled to protect her, risking exposure that could unravel his carefully crafted disappearance. Will he choose to save her even if it means risking his own freedom, or will his past catch up to him in the worst way possible?

In the occult world of Merkaba, everyone believed Dan McKenzie was dead, and he’s determined to keep it that way. But fate takes a turn when he crosses paths with a mysterious and unconventional woman who sees through his deception. She resists his charms and challenges his lies, leaving him intrigued. As he delves deeper into her secrets, danger looms, and he becomes her unexpected savior. Yet, the enigmatic woman could be his downfall, and the truth about his survival could expose him to the law. Will Dan McKenzie’s true motives come to light, and will he succumb to his old patterns of evil once again?


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