She thought her nightmare was over. But haunting echoes of her past resurface when she relives the horrors of abduction. One night, she vanishes, leaving her children alone in the dark and her military husband far away. Upon Eric’s return and a frantic search, troubling questions emerge: Was their home invaded? How did Abby disappear without a trace?

Abby believed her nightmare had finally ended… She had found her happily ever after with the man of her dreams. He had rescued her and was the father of their child. Life should be perfect, but suddenly she finds herself reliving the horrors of her past when she was abducted. One fateful night, she mysteriously disappears, leaving her children alone in the dark while her husband is stationed on a military ship miles away. As Eric returns home and the frantic search begins, two unsettling questions arise: Was there an intruder in their home? And how could Abby vanish without a trace?


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