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What is the reading order of your books?

This is the number one question I am asked by fans. With over 133 titles now available for purchase and several series many fans prefer to read my books in order.  Although I write series, and to be clear I love writing series, and reading series, but at the same time each book in my series can be read as a stand alone. But for more reading enjoyment many prefer to read in series order, as a family grows, as the characters evolve, as they fall in love and overcome many of the challenges tossed their way.

Mystery / Thriller

Romantic Suspense

Contemporary Romance

Military Romantic Suspense

Western Romance

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of my series and the books and how they are tied together.

The Friessen Legacy now spans three series

The Outsider, The Friessens: A New Beginning, The Friessens

The Outsider Series: In this complete collection of 10 western romances, follow the strong, sexy Friessen men as they find love and stand by their family through thick and thin.

The Outsider Series

Follow the strong, sexy Friessen men as they find love and stand by their family through thick and thin.

Also available on Audio

Next we have The Friessens: A New Beginning.  After The Wedding was published, which was to be the final book in The Friessen Legacy Series,  I received a ton of emails from fans. Not kidding on the number! Every one of them asked for the series not to end, much to my surprise many of you had fallen in love with this family. So The Friessens: A New Beginning was born bringing back this beloved family starting with The Deadline with Andy and Laura heading off to Montana.

The Friessens: A New Beginning

Follow the heartwarming love stories of the Friessens in this uplifting and romantic saga! As each family member struggles to find the one, they find strength in each other.

Also available on Audio

The Friessens return

As the family grows, this big family romance continues following the life of all the members of this large family in a big family romance series filled with love, commitment, hope and second chances.

The Friessens

In this big family series of emotional romances, the Friessen family siblings find their relationships tested, lay their hearts on the line, and discover lasting love!

The Reunion

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The Reunion
The Bloodline
The Promise ( Jed & Diana)
The Business Plan

The Decision

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The Decision
First Love

Family First

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Family First
Leave the Light On
In the Moment
In the Family
In the Silence
In the Stars
Unexpected Consequences
In the Charm
It Was Always You
The First Time I Saw You
Welcome to My Arms
Welcome to Boston